Monday is not my day off.

In theory, I have Sunday and Monday off.  In practice, this amounts to me sleeping all day Sunday to recover from an 80 hour week, then going in to work Monday because my assistant manager is bad at life. All that i desired today, was to get some deposits ready and then go do anything that was not work.  Instead I was sucked into a vortex of uncompleted and shoddy work, fixing issue after issue until I had been at work for nearly 6 hours. On my day off. It was enough that I wrote up Assistant Manager Horseshit for being so bad at his job.


Perhaps one day I may be able to Have 2 days off. But I don’t believe that lie in my heart.


One thought on “Monday is not my day off.

  1. suzi McQuinney says:

    I want to destroy your assistant manager. and eat his sweet breads with fava beans.

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