Fuck you, Chips.

So as previously stated, Monday is not my day off, it’s just the day that I pretend I get off during the rest of the week.  at 6 am, I receive a call that not only is Assistant Manager Horseshit not at the store, but he’s not even close.  Sadly, I had been expecting this and I was already dressed and ready to go.  So not only did I not get my day off, I worked for 6 hours through lunch.  At this point I thought I was free, that I would go to the home and relax, get to sleep early and wake up rested for the new day.

Wrong. My mistake. What ended up happening was a call several hours later informing me of the severe shortage of reduced fat chips.  It came to be that I got to enjoy a 60 mile round trip to the warehouse to get a single box of chips. Through rush hour traffic.

I now hate chips. We should outlaw chips and hunt down the survivors, burning them in piles of crunchy pyres.

2 thoughts on “Fuck you, Chips.

  1. suzi McQuinney says:

    There should be no such thing as reduced fat chips. If you are watching your weight you should not be eating friken chips! I hate people.

  2. Serioli says:

    they actually taste better then the regular chips

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