You’ve done it this time, Assistant Manager Horseshit!

So Wednesdays are Hell days.  I get there hours early, do inventory and paperwork then finish off my shift without a break.  It sucks pretty hard. Today was a special kind of day, however.  Around 8:30 my truck arrives with it’s large order of food and napkins and cups and knives and whatnot. What’s supposed to happen is that Assistant Manager Horseshit shows up at 9, and either puts the order away or gets the store ready.  This morning, what happened was that he called in saying his driveway was blocked.  Several hours later: still blocked, but he says that yes, he’ll be here before the afternoon shift starts.

So 25 minutes after his shift starts, I call him and he is still at his house, blocked in.  I’m unsure why he didn’t think it was important to tell me this, or to try and find a replacement. Immediately upon learning this I Launched my hastily formed plan “Replace Horseshit Assface” The Process seems to be moving forward, and only time will tell  if success will come.

Until then, I sleep. I just worked an 18 hours day and I’m tired as fuck.

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