The long Absense, Anticipation of the Longer Absense

Working my life away has the benefit of giving me health problems and depressing me. How could it not with constant stress and no relaxation time?  More diabolically, it prevents me from updating this site.  Now as I sit here, waiting to have dinner with a beautiful girl, I am taking this time to post from my lovely new laptop.  Just getting this thing was an ordeal in itself. A post for another time, however. What concerns me now is the Absense I’ve had, and the greatly increased workload I’m looking at undertaking in the next couple weeks.


September is upon me and with it, school is in. What this means for me, is that half my staff is leaving.  I’m not too concerned about my inshop workers. It seems to be the easiest thing in the world to hire them.  My true concern is my delivery drivers.  As of now I’m supposed to have 6 drivers there every day, ferrying delicious sandwiches to my customers.  What I’m seeing, is that after labor day I will have a mere two drivers ferrying late sandwiches to angry customers.  I’m not sure if I have any alternative for this if my hiring efforts fail to bear fruit.  I may just hate my life.


On the brighter side, I’ve set up 4 interviews for this week, and I may be able to pull off a miracle and have enough drivers that I will be able to actually go home on the weekends and rest. As unlikely as that result seems

One thought on “The long Absense, Anticipation of the Longer Absense

  1. suzi says:

    you know John, it has been a year since you have posted anything to this site. how is the world to know about you new job, and all the ups and downs of your life? 🙂 I miss you. <3 Hope you are doing well.

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